My coaching follows the OneTaste method, which includes powerful elements of clearing, education, and integration. The coaching process gives loving insight and practical tools to clients so they can triumph over their challenges, both present and future. The client and I connect and engage in a simple and honest conversation about their desires. Four principles from Orgasmic Meditation have combined to give a grounded quality in how I communicate with clients.


#1 Attention

I put my attention on the client, and the client puts attention on what they want. Attention is the most powerful tool we have to attract the love, empowerment, and exploration we all want.


#2 Connection

Connect first, fix later. My clients and I begin by connecting with each other before we do anything else because connection provides a richer experience in everything we do.


#3 Desire

Desire acts as both our compass in deciding which direction to grow and the fuel needed in order to achieve and attract what the client wants into their lives.


#4 Simplicity

I keep everything in the coaching process clear, easy to understand, and with nothing more (or less) than what we need to connect and put attention on the client's desires.