I have worked and travelled all over the world and I love what I'm doing. I'm a passionate and compassionate advocate of the OM practice, and a certified OM Life Coach and OM trainer. I initially heard about orgasmic meditation in the Tedx talk by Nicole Daedone, which has gone on to be viewed over one million times! My desire for connection and a way to increase my energy set me on the path to getting trained in the practice. As I began OMing daily, I found not only a resurgence in my energy levels but in feeling my personal power as well.

I love coaching clients in the desire based coaching method, because it actually feels good for both the client and the coach.  I find working as a coach a rejuvenating source of connection, fulfillment, and nurture.

When I'm not coaching, you can probably find me immersed in my photography, reading, or exploring new ideas and places.